Cortez TeleMedicine

TeleMedicine allows you to consult with one of our doctors without leaving the comfort of your living room. These appointments are perfect for minor ailments or issues that may be easier to manage in the home environment while under the direction of a doctor. To begin, follow the instructions below to reserve an appointment, and we will be online to greet you and your pet at your scheduled time! Please note, to use this feature you and your pet must be current clients of Beach Veterinary Clinic.

Here’s how to get started on a desktop or laptop:

  1. Download and utilize either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to receive treatment via eVisit.
  2. Go to the web address:
  3. Create an account with your preferred email address and password.
  4. Fill out your personal information along with any other required information it prompts.
  5. Schedule your eVisit with your provider based on his/her availability.
  6. At the time of your scheduled appointment login and click the Join button.
  7. See and chat with your provider through a 100% HIPAA compliant video to receive quick and easy treatment.